About Me


I’m Jules! I started this blog in hopes to share a more detailed version of my adventures. If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re aware I’m about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – the Appalachian Trail. I figured what better time to start a record of the craziness I encounter than now. Before I begin posting about the trail I figured I’d tell you a little bit more about myself.

I was born in Georgia and grew up in southeast Ohio. In 2017, I graduated from Ohio University (OU oh yeah!) with a degree in business law and accounting. Before college, most of my time was spent drawing, playing with Photoshop, or wandering the woods around my neighborhood. Oh, and I also tried a “smorgasbord” of sports, as my mom likes to say. Now, I’m a self-employed outdoor enthusiast with hopes of completing a 2,200 mile trail.

How did I get here? I’d like to say patience and positivity, but that’s far from true. If anything, the outdoors have taught me these things. It’s no secret that getting through college can be a living you know what, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed my studies up until I started working in the field. I felt limited, like I didn’t belong, and that I didn’t matter in every environment I worked in. 3 internships and one full-time job later, I found myself overwhelmed and depressed and decided it was quitting time. So here I am facing my risky decisions head on and I’m all in!

I often ask myself how a person like me would be able to finish the AT, but then I’m reminded by the multitude of books, vlogs, and wonderful support from friends and family that just about anyone can hike the trail if they put their mind to it. Am I an experienced backpacker? No, in fact my first backpacking trip was with my mom in June of 2018 (it was kind of half car camping but who cares it was a blast). Before then, “backpacking” to me was shoving tons of snacks and rock climbing gear into my Deuter pack and lugging 30lbs of weight to different crags. However, I spent most of my childhood camping and as I’ve grown older it’s become one of my favorite things to do. The more primitive, the better.

Lastly, did I mention I’m hiking those 2,200 miles with my mom? My mom, aka my best friend, partner in crime, twin, you name it, is the coolest mom alive. You may think hiking the Appalachian Trail was my idea, but it’s been hers since I was a child. In fact, she begged me for months to join her until I said yes. People ask me whether I think we’d end up hating each other being together that long and my answer is always absolutely not. My mom is the funniest person I know and when we’re together it’s nothing but a silly goose time. I’m so excited to join her on this wild journey and can’t wait to see how we both transform