“Spring Cleaning”

Some people didn’t believe me when I said I was going to walk the AT. At times I didn’t really believe myself either, but here we are with 19 days left until the adventure begins. It seems as though I check my calendar every day in hopes to make this feel like more of a reality. In all honesty it still doesn’t feel all that real.

When I first decided to hike the AT I told myself I would make this the beginning of a fresh start. I said I wanted to pack what could fit in my car (besides furniture and my furry one of course) and leave the rest behind in Ohio. Last week I began to make that goal a reality and ended up with 6 bags of donations and enough boxes to comfortably fit in my car.

So how does it feel to get rid of all that stuff? AMAZING! I keep telling myself if I’m going to make this my fresh start I’m going to do it right. Doing 9 loads of laundry certainly wasn’t the most fun I’d ever had, but the feeling of relief afterwards was well worth it. If it was something I hadn’t worn or used in the last year, I donated it. If it was something I didn’t get much benefit out of keeping, I donated it.

Living out of boxes for the next few weeks is going to be pretty interesting, but this is what I signed up for right? I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of positive feedback from people I talk to about completely changing my lifestyle. Some still think I’m crazy, but I won’t disagree with that. I’m young, so this is the best time to change my goals and what not.

Anyways, the point of this post was to share how excited I am about completing one of the big steps to making this trip happen. I hope that it may encourage you to do a little spring cleaning as well (it really does feel pretty good). Next step is finishing research and getting all that gear into my pack and on my back. 19 days… Can you believe it?

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